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Give Yourself Permission to Daydream

Daydreaming with a goal in mind can help motivate us to achieve it. ~Let yourself imagine your life as you'd like it to turn out. ~Play out your future as you'd like to see it come to fruition. ~Give yourself total freedom to expand your consciousness and to imagine your fantasies. (A famous singer, writer, dancer, company owner, martial arts expert, launch a new ministry, buy your dream house on the beach, meet the love of your life, start a band... Anything is possible! ~Imagine all the things that would make you happy and create a story. ~Daydream positive things you'd love to see and experience in that story ~Be sure to pull in all of your senses: Sight, taste, touch, hearing and smell Remember JOY. ~Vision boards can help create the visuals of your daydream. Try that and enjoy.


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