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Spiritual Philosophy

It has been said that the quality of your life greatly depends on the quality of your questions.

What are your questions?

We arrive at a spiritual philosophy by answering our questions about life and how it works.

Shakespeare plays consistently answered three questions,

“What does it mean to be alive?“

“How shall we act?“

“What must I do?“

While the oldest spiritual philosophy that is recorded may be the Vedas, we know that people’s relationship with the earth and nature was a spiritual philosophy that has also carried through the ages.

Spiritual philosophy is inquiry and we are interested in forever learning and growing.

Dogma and spiritual philosophy are different forms. Dogma may be likened to a mountain, where change is limited and hardly visible, where spiritual philosophy moves like a river being constantly changed, evolved through its flow.

SoulCall is committed to supporting you in your spiritual philosophy, your spiritual growth, your response to the call of your soul.

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