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Taking a Soul-Step

Taking a Soul step is being conscious of the connection between Source and Self at all times and bringing more of that divine Love and Light into all our "doings."

Enjoy exploring a few ways to practice keeping the awareness of this connection as you live each day:

~Feeling Deep Love in Your Heart

~Experiencing Oneness with God

~Practicing the Presence of God

~Seeing God in Every Person & Experience

~Relaxing All Your Body

~Enjoying Calmness of Mind

~Chanting & Connecting with God

~Being Intense but Relaxed

~Feeling Devotion For God

~Concentrating with Single-minded Intensity

~Achieving One-pointed Concentration

~Watching Your Breath with Detachment

~Enjoying Stillness, Love & God

~Lovingly Serving Others

~Discriminating Between the Real & Unreal

~Being Dispassionate & Calm

~Treating Everything in Your Life with Reverence

~Enduring Challenges with Courage & Resilience

~Turning Your Mind Inwardly

~Controlling Your Mind Controlling Your Senses

~Repeating Spiritual Affirmation

~Developing & Using Your Intuition

~Inquiring into Who You Truly Are

~Conquering All Your Fears


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