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Feeling anxious or stressed? Write a thank you!

While you could write a thank you to whatever is causing anxiety because it woke you up, I'm suggesting you write a thank you to someone in your life who may need to hear it today.

Every once in a while I receive a card or note from someone in my life just because. These are the most precious communications because they are a gift from one heart to another. I read their words and take them in breathing fully on the thought of them taking the time to select the note, write it, and send it.

As spiritual beings having a human experience we rely on each other to create a sense of belonging, a sweet note during this time of physical distancing can go a long way.

Make a list of people in your life for whom you are grateful. Have fun making or buying cards. Send a card every week to someone. Write it out while you are meditating on their face and sending waves of love to their heart.

I promise you will feel better and the ripple effect can do more good than you may ever know!


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