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Spiritual Awakening

SoulCall is committed to opening hearts and awakening minds.

There comes a point in the lives of many people where they know there is something missing. They yearn to feel love and joy more often and have a deep sense that they have been “asleep at the wheel”. Life can sometimes feel like an endless journey leading nowhere. They begin to awaken to the greater truth of what is real. The truth that love and joy produce.

The purpose of each soul's sojourn on earth is to learn to see beyond the evanescence of phenomena to the Eternal Reality. ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

I like to share this quote as a reminder of what is possible when we spiritually awaken into the realm of possibility. Pure Potential.

Erika Luckett and I wrote a song about spiritual awakening based on a poem by the 13th-century Mystic poet Rumi, "Don't Go Back to Sleep.” *

Allowing for this divine engagement with our Soul opens us up to the world of Realization. A world of grace. A feeling of connection and bliss. It is one thing to experience a temporary flash of insight or an instant awareness of "there is something greater."

That's the beginning, the spiritual awakening.

The questions begin from there and the journey and joy of awakening continue for a lifetime.

How can you feel this spiritual awakening more at will?

Is it ONLY through grace or can we (ego) actually participate in a more meaningful way with this Cosmic Intelligence on a more regular basis?

With these questions, we can begin to explore consciousness in the formless realm, the Eternal Reality. The truth of which is that we do create and co-create our world. Material and subtle variations in the vibrations of our thoughts affect change.

When one can still the mind and calm the body, one begins to field pure thoughts volleyed into the mind by the Soul itself; by the Infinite, Itself. YOU are that one. Learn to control your mind through meditation and Awaken your Spirit.” ~ Lisa Ferraro
The Eternal Reality of a Spiritual Awakening is Ever new Bliss; Ever new Joy. ~ Lisa Ferraro

The word “learn” in the quote above implies a practice of some kind that helps us to remember who and what we are.

Once you remember, the art is doing whatever brings you bliss in an effort to stay awake.

Join us at SoulCall in our weekly online events, and classes for support in your own spiritual awakening.

* You will find more music by Lisa Ferraro and Erika Luckett at


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