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Soul Steps: Uncovering the Soul

1) Remember: There’s Nothing to it! ~Allow for beginners mind to flow through you.

2) Meditation is the key to the one who is always ME. ~Life after life, incarnation after incarnation, the Soul knows the YOU of YOU. Bring that wisdom forth through the practice of silent meditation.

3) Beginning with the heart is always a good start~Finding the things which bring us Joy is a way to keep our hearts light. IN this lightness of experience, the vibration of the Soul is more present.

4) Forget and reset: We MUST allow ourselves to forget the thing we didn’t get quite right. We must also allow ourselves to be free from the idea of a repetitive approach to the infinite. Keep a steady practice based on foundations of truth while always allowing for a greater Truth to emerge. God speaks to us in the language of our heart. It's Joy and Joy can be experienced in many ways.

5) How good can it get?!~ Keep the doors of your consciousness open to a deeper and more expansive experience of the Infinite Beloved.


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