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Put Your SoulSelf In

...And shake it all about! Enjoy the feeling of opening to all the qualities of the Soul and bringing them forth in all your activities.

*Spirit as the intelligent Holy Ghost or aum Vibration, transforms Itself into matter by changing the rates of the cosmic creative vibration. Cosmic Intelligence becomes cosmic intelligent motion, or vibration of consciousness, which changes into cosmic energy. As Cosmic Vibration, all things are one; but when Cosmic Vibration becomes frozen into matter, it becomes many-including the human body, which is a part of this variously divided matter.

This metamorphosis of Spirit produces the triune creation: Ideational or causal world of finest vibrations of consciousness, Goddess/God Thoughts or idea that are the cause of all forms and forces; and astral world of light and life force, vibratory energy, and the material world of the gross atomic vibrations of matter.

The human soul dons these three coverings that serve as instrumentalities through which the incarnate spirit can perceive, comprehend, and interact with God/Goddess' creation.(From The Second Coming of Christ, Paramahansa Yogananda)

AS I teach in my meditation classes, as we Allow these qualities of subtle vibrations to come into the cells of our being and into the art of practicing the presence, we become more oriented with Raja Soul (King Soul). Our lives begin to transform into a walking, living, breathing meditation and all we touch or look at realizes a vibrational shift which is higher.

Our Souls possess the following qualities:








These qualities are present in every soul by virtue of being part of the Higher Power, Goddess or God. Bring them consciously into your heart and mind as you move through your days and nights. Keep track of how your human experience changes!

Enjoy dancing in the light.


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