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Peace Begins With Me

Peace In Every Moment

Peace In Every Breath

Peace in Every Heartbeat

Peace in Every Step

The lyrics above are from the song, Peace, written and performed by

Erika Luckett and me on our CD entitled, Sacred.

As I reflect on the local and world events of the past few weeks, this song is more poignant than ever. (There's a beautiful video with the song at the end of this post)

Many of you have sent emails or scheduled Spiritual Counseling sessions in an effort to find what I refer to as “your holy feet.” By that, I mean the place where you can stand in the experience of connection to source. KNOWING you are secure and grounded in unshakable Peace, Divine protection, and constant Love.

Where can you find peace in this world?

What can you do to experience inner peace which results in and FROM bringing about the balance of Body, Mind, and Spirit?

Let’s look to the lyrics to this beautiful song for more hope, insight, and spiritual practice we can put into play all day long, every day of every week!

If you’re like most of my clients, you might be experiencing some of what the next few lines of the lyrics share:

When the World feels heavy with sorrow

And my heart hangs weary and sore

When I start to lose my faith in tomorrow

And see no end to these endless wars

Peace Begins with Me

Now, look at what the practice to experience peace can be in the lines below.

I close my eyes and hear a voice whisper quietly

saying “Peace, peace, peace begins with me.”

What if you trained yourself to remember the truth of the line, “Peace Begins with Me?”

It’s a truth that is true. My favorite kind of truth!

Not only is it true, but remembering that Peace begins with Me, is a powerful choice for your mind to make.

The fact is that in this “every moment” and at this juncture in the evolution of the human consciousness, the energetic confluence of the higher vibrations of manifestation has never been more dependent on the united energy of peace to come forth from each individual on the planet. Each one of us is being called to be the light, to be the leaders of the light.

YOU are a leader of the light. Peace cannot be bought or sold. It’s NOT a commodity. It IS however a choice.

For each of you to hold onto your peace and then allow it to pour forth from your being, you become a walking neutral zone of consciousness.

How do you practice peace? How can you be in the space of remembering?

Fortunately, the next verse offers a simple process.

Trying to find our way to peace

We must see that peace IS the way

Peace is in every step we take

It’s how we walk through every day

So close your eyes and hear a whisper lovingly

Saying “Peace, peace, peace begins with me.”

I always say, “Trying to find peace without peace is like trying to find your eyeglasses without your eyeglasses!” Funny and true!

Finding Peace is a simple thing.

When the world offers you complex strategies for a peaceful resolution, you can respond with a simple knowing that peace is your choice and it begins with you.

Peace is easy. Peace is not expensive. Peace is our most natural state of being…You can have more peace by remembering and practicing this mindfulness walking meditation:

Peace In Every Moment

Peace In Every Breath

Peace in Every Heartbeat

Peace in Every Step

What if you adopt this as a mantra for your week? For a month, a year? Mantra for life…

You have all you need within your being to start experiencing peace right now.

My deepest wish for you is that peace be more amplified in your life.

With love and appreciation,

Lisa Y. Ferraro

Peace, by Lisa Ferraro and Erika Luckett

The song "Peace" by Lisa Ferraro and Erika Luckett is on the CD entitled "Sacred".


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