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Our SoulSquad is ready to serve!

SoulSquad Vision Statement:

We are the enthusiastic ambassadors of SoulCall Global. We are a “Love-In-Action-Bridge” that connects SoulCall with our local and global community. We amplify and implement the mission and projects of SoulCall Global.

SoulSquad Team

  • Michelle Fought – Team Leader

  • Care Gerdeman – Team Leader

  • Pamela Blatter

  • Bob Lipetz

  • Candy Lucas

  • Joy MacPherson

  • Lysa Lawing

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SoulCallCares Food Drive


One Family One People One Planet One Love

Join us! Fill out the contact form and let us know you want to be a SoulSquad member!

SoulSquad started with a Juice Drop at the beginning of the pandemic, 2020. We partnered with & Juice Co.

SoulCall purchased and brought fresh organic juice to the Doctors and Nurses at The James Cancer Hospital. They LOVED it. Fresh, nutritional, and delicious.

That is when SoulSquad began to take shape. We all were (and are) concerned about the food scarcity many people are facing.

In September 2020, at a SoulCall event held at Unity Church on Maize Road, SoulSquad collected food. We were able to donate 130 pounds of food to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank. We also did voter registration that day.  Our momentum was picking up.


Leading up to Thanksgiving and through the winter holidays, we were looking for ways to support people in these difficult times.  We started by looking in our own circles for those who were in need, we then branched out to school counselors for names of families in need. Over $7,500.00 was collected between Thanksgiving and mid-December from SoulCall.

With that money, Kroger and Walmart gift cards were purchased. Some were mailed to the list of families we had compiled. Some were put in backpacks being given out to families in need in the Dublin School District.  SoulSquad went to Walmart and paid off $500 in Layaways.  A portion also went to struggling musicians who lost significant income through the pandemic.

SoulSquad community outreach from 2020!

  • Stone Soul painting at Whetstone Park in Columbus

  • The River clean up at Confluence Park

  • Two juice drops to Doctors and Nurses at The James Cancer Hospital

  • Food Drive for the Mid-Ohio Food Bank

  • Holiday Food Gift Card Giveaway

  • Holiday Layaway payoffs at Walmart

  • Gift Cards to struggling musicians


Valentine's Day Drive

Currently, we are again partnering with & Juice Co. for a Valentine’s Day Food Drive. Food is being collected and bagged to give out on Sunday, February 14th to anyone in need. We have tried to concentrate on items that are not likely to be found at the food banks like nonperishable items that are high in protein.

This is just the beginning, SoulSquad is branching out and will continue our “good trouble” in our local and global communities. Our base is expanding. We started in Columbus, Ohio, and are seeing SoulSquad pods starting in California and Pittsburg. We plan to spread around the world like deep roots of a big tree connecting us and finding our strength in (numbers and fellowship and Oneness).

One Family One People One Planet One Love

Join us! Fill out the contact form and let us know you want to be a SoulSquad member!

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