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The story behind the painting on the SoulCall Notecards.

In February of 2011, Lisa Ferraro and Erika Luckett performed their inspired music for their Soulcall benefit concert at an art gallery in Berkeley, CA.

An artist, Rochelle Carr had her work on display at the same time. Lisa and Erika asked Rochelle to paint while they sang.  With the help of a 9-year-old boy named Ricky, Rochelle painting this image! It’s called “Ricky’s Hearts”. 

The painting was going to be auctioned off after the concert and the money would go to SoulCall. Upon seeing the work, Lisa and Erika decided not to sell to the highest bidder. (Incidentally, the highest bidder offered over $1,000!)

Lisa and Erika had the vision of hanging this painting on the walls of the visioned for SoulCall Center for Contemplation and Meditation once it came to fruition.  And so it shall be…

Your purchase of these postcards goes to the building fund and upkeep of SoulCall Global Headquarters.

Thank you for catching the vision and supporting SoulCall, a conscious Global Community.

SoulCall Postcards - Pack of 10

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