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Got Prayer?

When we learn that people are going through an exceptionally personal challenge we often respond to their plight by saying: Praying for you or sending prayers! As a member of the Soul Call prayer team, sending prayers is a regular and sometimes daily occurrence for me.

Although prayer is a daily experience, I must admit that now and again I ask myself: What is prayer? Do prayers even work?

So what is a prayer and how does it work?

I have taken loads of classes over the years so that I could be an expert on prayer! I actually gained the title of prayer professional! And yet it has not stopped me from contemplating the nature of prayer. And what does any good 21st century spiritual person do when they are perplexed by a deep thought provoking question? We Google it! Google says that prayers are: a request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God. I’m good with that answer. But I must dig a little deeper.

What kind of help?

I know exactly what kind of help I want! I want a super-hero, prayer-responding god that swoops down out of the heavens and avenges the bad and restores the good. I see a lot of “bad stuff” going on these days. What do you think the world needs? I think the world needs to be a little more … well let’s say … “my way.” If people, places or things would just align themselves with my way of thinking — what a beautiful world it would be! Maybe not but at least in my mind it would all be better!!

But the definition says to help …not fix! Shoot. Sorry, I got carried away here. I really wanted my prayers to have fixes, not just “help.” I can’t believe there are no super-hero gods out there!

Then if prayers are a request for help. What are we needing help with? Prayers offer us help so that we can navigate what IS in the world. What IS? Yes, there IS social unrest. There IS wild fires and hurricanes. There IS massive health challenges and not just because of THE virus. There IS political discord around the world. The world IS going through a transformation right before our very eyes and it’s not exactly comfortable to view or experience.

As Spirit transforms what IS, it may behoove us to ask for the kind of help that enables us to navigate through the what IS. Prayers help us to endure the physical challenges, to release fears of the unknown and to embrace deep faith when doubt is abundant. This is the help we beseech in our daily prayers.

It is often quoted: Ask and You Shall Receive. In this quote we are reminded to ask for help! How do we do this? Umm — prayers!

Do prayers work?

Short answer is YES!

The long answer is prayers are answered in Divine’s Right Timing and that timing may not be mine! Ugh. Have no fear! Many of us have learned to ask for help with the parking place. Now we have graduated to these bigger asks; the asks that require unrelenting faith for our own predicaments and that of the world. So we ask to extinguish the wild fires, to dissipate the hurricanes in their tracks and to stop the social injustices. AND it’s also important to remember to ask Spirit for help that I might be more aligned in my faith when I doubt, that I might endure when I want to give up and that I persevere when apathy hits me hard. I ask that I might remember that there is an endless well of grace, courage, and stamina that is mine to draw from. May I remember this for you, me, them, us! It is in this knowing that we partner in the creation of change for humanity! As I deepen my faith so too does all of humanity’s faith deepen. What is in the one is in the whole! It is my job to add to the faith and transformation of the whole. I do this through prayers that remind me that I do have what it takes to endure, support and participate in this Divine transformation.

And in between asking for help, may I never, never, never forget to use my prayers to give gratitude for the faith that navigated me through a tough moment, for those days that hope filled me to the brim when I really needed it and for those around me who remember when I forget. I am grateful for the grace that guides, directs, transforms and allows me to evolve as I daily navigate all that IS this world.

This is how prayer works; ask, believe and participate. Participate in the knowing that we each are growing in the evolution of humankind right before our eyes. It is always happening. The organic nature of life is evolving. Sometimes it may not out picture the way I think it should but that is okay! It is out picturing in Divine’s Right Order!

I ask — to remember that I am Spirit’s vehicle for change; that it is my arms, my legs, my heart, and my mind that become the conduit for Spirit’s work. I ask to remember that I am thank-filled for all the gifts bestowed upon my life and each of our lives as we navigate together what IS. Knowing with absolute certainty that every time I ask for help so too I receive. May the Divine Path of transformation be bright before us as we navigate together the endless becoming of Life!

It is so. Amen

Here at SoulCall our prayer team is available for prayer requests. Having a tough time remembering for yourself right now? Want to celebrate? You ask and we respond with prayers to all your prayer requests. We are a pretty powerful prayer team! Send your request in today!

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