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Healing Arts & Nutrition

At the core of the healing arts is the understanding that we are more than bodies, and that we are spirit embodied.

This understanding affects the approach of practitioners in ancient healing arts such as Acupuncture and other Chinese medicine modalities, Ayurveda treatments and herbal remedies, and all those healing traditions carried through the centuries from the women who gathered, tested, and proved the healing power of plant medicine.

“Beloved God, I know that I am not the body, not the blood, not the energy, not the thoughts, not the mind, not the ego, not the astral self.  I am the immortal soul that illumines them all, remaining unchangeable in spite of their changes.”
~Paramahansa Yogananda
“The …idea of the substitution of Truth for sense-testimony. This restores ‘man’ to a condition of wholeness”.
~Dr. Ernest Holmes
“When we really love ourselves, everything in our life works.”
~Louise Hay


Practitioners of Reiki, qigong, zero body balancing, light  and other energy workers access the universal field of life force through their technologies.

We speak of healing as an art because like any artistic effort, supporting healing requires enthusiasm, to be steeped in the Greater Source rather than relying solely on any material elixir or physical manipulation.

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