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Mother Earth breathes with us every moment.  Her health is our health.

We are made from and of creative energy therefore we are constantly creating.

“Everyone can make a huge difference.  We should not underestimate ourselves, because if lots of individuals go together, then we can accomplish almost anything…we need both systemic change and individual change.”
~Greta Thunburg


We have the physical environment of water, air, and earth to tend to and the nonphysical of our thoughts and emotional broadcasting. Our life choices affect the planet. What we eat, what we drive, how often we travel, what we buy, and what we discard matters.

There is a myriad of ways to support a healthy physical environment for the planet.

We care about clean water. We care about clean air. We care about the humane treatment of animals. We care about maintaining the canopy of forests that are the lungs of the earth. We care about access to healthy food, water, and air for all people.

And one of the biggest reasons we care about the Environment as a call to our soul is because we are deeply grateful for the life-giving essence that is our home.

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