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As long as there have been human beings we have been creating rituals to make meaning of our lives.

Here at SoulCall, we want to participate with you in creating ceremonies that add richness to transitions and punctuate all that we are grateful to be experiencing. We celebrate birth, rites of passage, marriage, death, and the cycles of nature just to name a few.


Let us help you design and facilitate ceremonies for:

  • Naming: Whether at birth or anytime.

  • Engagement: Setting an intention for the time from the decision to the wedding.

  • Marriage: We have ceremonies for a multitude of cultures and beliefs. Find Rev. Christie Hardwick’s free ebook on weddings here.

  • Commitment Ceremonies: Whether a recommitment or a new one.

  • Birth: Celebrating the arrival of a new being on the planet with a ritual that fits your parenting.

  • Coming of Age: Different times in different cultures marking this in a way that has meaning for you and your family.

  • Family Making: Celebrating the making of a new family.

  • Gender Transitions: Welcoming your alignment with your own truth.

  • Death and Dying: Creating meaningful honoring of the passage back to Spirit.

Contact us with what you are envisioning and we will give you details on our process and fees.

Do you have an outline/plan/ritual that you want us to carry out or will we co-create?

Thank you for contacting us!

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